How To: User Feedback

How do users like your product? Are there any problems which should be improved? Asking users for feedback can enhance your service significantly!

Carolin Lensing
 min read

On the occasion of the web launch of our app Poll Pay, we conducted a user survey to find central problems in the app and to be able to implement our users' wishes. With more than 1 million downloads in 5 languages and over 20 countries worldwide, there is a large amount of feedback that needs to be sorted and evaluated.

Reaching users

The simplest method is to reach users through your app or application and ask them for their feedback. In the context of our survey app, this was very easy to do, as our own feedback survey could be easily integrated. Other options would be an email distribution list or sending links via push notifications. It is also important to distribute the surveyed users across all countries / languages / devices / programs to get feedback from different perspectives on the product.

Survey design

Thus, here questions about duration and frequency of use, country and language, and device and operating system are more relevant than demographic questions (age, gender, occupation). We chose a bandwidth design and checked off different topics.

  • Content design of surveys
  • Technical issues
  • Preferences regarding payout options
  • Popularity of competitor survey apps

This design makes it possible to query various topics briefly and concisely. A more in-depth, detail-oriented design is useful when feedback is desired on only one or two specific topics or problems. Especially if problems have already been identified and effectively corrected in advance, this method is worthwhile in order to check the error correction.


What do we do with the results of a feedback survey? We have investigated which problems were the most significant and which user requests were the most popular and will use this as a guide to integrate them into our product. Once again, it makes sense here to segment by end device or country in order to locate specific local comments.

Do you have further questions or would you like to conduct a user survey yourself? Contact us!