What do users say about our Poll Pay app?

We asked our Poll Pay users for feedback and suggestions for improvement. Also see what they love about our app!

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This use case moves between user satisfaction, product testing, and official reviews. We asked our users to provide honest feedback and constructive criticism to help us continuously improve their experience with our app.

Poll Pay: Paid Surveys!
BitBurst's own app Poll Pay allows users to earn money by participating in short surveys. This way, they can monetize their opinions simply and quickly. In the running for 3 years, Poll Pay has fought its way to the top of all app stores, but we continue to work on constantly improving the app and user experience.
To that end, we have now surveyed over 1,700 voluntary users around the world:
- Indonesia (27%)
- India (16%)
- Philippines (16%)
- Germany (10%)
- USA (7%)
- United Kingdom (5%)

Critical feedback
Of primary interest to us was the occurrence of technical problems. There were 17% of users who reported having frequent technical problems. Especially in the UK (33%) and the US (25%), participants seem to be more prone to frequent problems. This is in clear contrast to the Filipino participants, of which almost half have never had problems. Our goal now is to improve these technical discrepancies for the future.
Of those surveyed, 60% said the rewards in the Poll Pay app were fair to high compared to other survey apps, while the remaining 40% found them (too) low and would like to see higher rewards accordingly.

Data security and honesty
Of our users, ¾ perceive data security as good. This is reflected in a simple login process (76% rated it as easy) and diverse payout options (65% are (rather) satisfied). In addition, 61% of respondents said they always answered the surveys honestly. This again gives us confidence that the survey results we collect with Poll Pay users are reliable and based on real opinions. Furthermore, we were able to gather confirmation for our news page, which 62% rated as (very) interesting.

Continuous improvement with new ideas
In summary, the greatest need for improvement is in the survey topics, which should be more oriented to current trends, as well as technical problems and a reduction of the payout limit. Furthermore, users said they would be interested in more discount promotions, free app suggestions and discounted products. So, these changes may be implemented in the near future.
Want to try it out for yourself? Poll Pay is available for download for iOS and Android or in the web version.