Telephone Surveys vs Online Market Research

You are still skeptical about how effective our method is? Let us convince you of a successful replication: telephone to an online survey.

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In November 2020, Marketmedia 24 and BitBurstResearch launched a cooperation to replicate a telephone survey. The original survey was conducted through telephones at the beginning of 2019 and its content dealt with consumer purchasing behavior concerning paper, office supplies, and stationery.

A year and a half later, we conducted an online-replication of this survey. On the one hand, the aim here was to present the content aspects accurately and reproduce them in detail. On the other hand, we wanted to deliver reliable and comparable results - more efficiently and faster than with a telephone survey.

In terms of content, it turned out that the survey could be replicated precisely and delivered exciting results. For example, despite digital communication in the Corona pandemic and increasingly paperless offices, 85% of Germans said they had bought the paper in the last three years or planned to do so within the next twelve months. The strongest paper buyers here are the youngsters up to 24 years of age, of whom over 90% voted yes. In terms of office supplies, 68% of respondents said they had bought it in the last three years or planned to buy it in the next year, and for stationery, the figure was 80%.

The best-known manufacturers for paper and office supplies are Pelikan in 1st place, Herlitz in 2nd place, and Leitz in 3rd place. For stationery, Pelikan is also the best-known manufacturer, followed by Faber-Castell, Edding, and Stabilo. All three products are mainly bought from specialist retailers, followed by discounters.

BitBurst Research was able to convince with reliable results through this survey. The online replication of the survey delivered similar tendencies as the previous telephone survey. Some differences can be attributed to the changed behavior of people in the wake of the Corona pandemic. Thus, it can be clearly said that yes, our online method proves just as high aquality as traditional telephone surveys. A bonus is our time and cost-efficiency.

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