How To: Website Testing

Planning on launching a new website or giving current structures a makeover? We will help you creating the best website possible!

Carolin Lensing
 min read

Establishing a new website, launching major updates or just a nice makeover: Bitburst Research supports you in testing current as well as future websites. We ask your personal target group for their opinion, so you can make the right decision!

The most important point is inevitably the proper functionality of a website. Do all buttons work? Will the page be displayed well by any browser? Are there problems with the content? We find out.
Equally central is the accurate understanding of the page. From basic questions ("What is the name of the company that owns this site?") to in-depth understanding ("Please briefly describe the process of a test project with BitBurst."), we check whether foreign visitors understand your website correctly and can deal with the information there.

The design will determine how comfortable visitors feel on your site - and possibly whether they will return. Is the presentation the same on all devices? Do the colours, aesthetics and corporate image match? And how does the website actually look on mobile devices?
Our participants give their opinion on visual designs, associations with their website and the general feeling of well-being when visiting it.

We use a variety of methods in the field of website testing.
- Comparisons (A/B testing)
- Targeted excerpts (screenshots/images etc.)
- Visiting the page via a link
Comparative A/B testing is particularly useful when several designs are available or when you have to decide between different designs. We find out what appeals best to your target group!