Full Time

Product Manager - Apps

As Product Manager you are responsible to develop our in-house apps as one of our main sources for participants for our surveys

Job Overview

Your main task is to further develop our app development in its entirety. Analyze our data and think about new features for our apps. Schedule new updates or spin-offs of our products and maintain the release of them on Google Play and the App Store. You mainly deal with questions like

  • How can we optimize the user activity in the app?
  • Which further apps should we develop to have diversified traffic?
  • Which requirements of the App Stores come up, and how do we deal with this?
  • How can we develop, maintain and update our apps the most efficient way?


Scaling the usage of our mobile and web apps is a team challenge. As Product Manager, you should initiate actions to ensure:

  • Uptime of the services
  • Growing ROAS / LTV
  • Quality of users answers in surveys
  • Improve the number of user passing the funnel

Job Requirements

We search for someone who has experience with the Product Manager's job to scale our platforms' reach. Some major requirements are:

  • Experience with app publishing
  • Experience with managing digital products
  • Numbers orientated mindset
  • Team player

How to apply to this position?

Send us an email, let us briefly know which experiences you have and why you would like to work on this position.

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