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Start Your Own Market Research Today​

„Here at BitBurst, we realise reliable online consumer surveys by assigning matching participants to fitting surveys through their individual profile. Since we already have global access to millions of users worldwide and can even expand this potential with our partner platforms, we can find matching participants for any individual survey – quickly and cost-efficiently.“

- Jan Asbach, CEO & Co-Founder​ -

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Possible Use Cases for Your Survey

Online Surveys have various use cases, we listed our top four here


Which new markets may be profitable for my product?​
Where is potential for my product I haven't seen yet?​
Should I expand my services or focus on one niche? ​


Where is it possible to sell my product?​
How is my pricing policy perceived?​
Will I be able to sell my new product to the target audience?​


How do customers perceive my brand?​
Which marketing channels are fitting for my product?
Are there any unknown target groups interested in my product? ​

Product Management​

Which of my products are most popular?​
Which products can or should be eliminated/discontinued? ​
Where should I start promoting more intensely? ​

Global Reach for Your Study

We are able to reach more than 2.5 million users worldwide via our own platforms.
Using integration into trusted partner platforms, we achieve additional reach and gain even more participants.

Worldmap showing bitbursts reach on the different continents. North America: 786k, South America: 300k, Europe 716k, Asia 674k

Your First Project 
with Us

BitBurst offers a fast and efficient service to attain reliable data for your survey. We support each customer individually to ensure the best possible product and outcome. 

Step by step path of developing the first market research program with bitburst

Resource Center

Get insights into our surveys and studies. In our blog articles we provide a report on conducted surveys

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I start Market Research?

​Every person makes around 20,000 decisions a day. You should start supporting yours with reliable research, because in the end a wrong decision will cost you much more than a survey with BitBurst!

How expensive is a project with BitBurst?

Prices vary by survey length and complexity. However, it is possible to conduct a reliable Research project at 500 €. ​

How do you guarantee your data's reliability?

Our work is based on psychological and sociological know-how as well as IT-Security and high data quality. ​When preparing a survey, we consider all essential quality criteria (e.g., objectivity, validity, and reliability) and advise you on sample size and representativity. ​Our IT-security is ensured through our cooperation with Sample-Chain, and we avoid link-manipulation with an SHA-1 procedure.​ A crucial aspect of our service is individual data screening. We only utilize data for analysis that has been checked beforehand.   ​​

Who can get into Market Research?

The great thing is, everyone can! If you're not sure where to start, have a look at our collection of possible use cases. Even if you have a very special request,  contact us personally!

Are you really as fast and efficient as you say?

We are proud to say: yes, we are! Just through our own panels, we can ask more than 100 people per hour. In combination with agile and flexible methods, we realize projects within a short time – from forming the main questions to discussing your final results. ​

Have you answered the ESOMAR 28 questions?

Of course, we have. Our answers to the ESOMAR questions can be found here.