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It only takes one day to get feedback from more than 1000 people representing any population. Start finding the best target group for your next campaign fast and efficiently, identify customers of the competition willing to switch to your product or gain reactions to your website now!  

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Online Market Research is useful for many different areas of application. We can show you, how our work effectively supports you:


You are looking for the optimal target group for a campaign, advertisement or a specific product?We survey representative samples on their perception of your products, ads, slogans, logos, brands, company image and much more. We are able to find out in which regions, income classes or age groups your campaign works best, so you can derive the optimal channels to reach your target group.
Avoiding wrong decisions and following the needs of your customers: Market Research paves the way for improving products, brands and advertising campaigns!

Media & Advertisement

Advertising campaigns must work. To achieve the best results, you need to know the needs, interests and preferences of your target group:
What do they think about your current advertising presence, which designs do they like best and how is your product or service actually received? We are able to group sentiments according to individual characteristics such as age, gender, income or other desires. We test videos, slogans, banners and more even before the campaign starts and can repeatedly ask the same people about their perception of your ads for a before-and-after comparison


Do you have a client who wants primary research done or you plan on recommending a client to ask his customers about an important topic? We would be happy to take care of Opinion Research for you , from creating the surveys and interviewing the participants to evaluating and producing the results report! You don't have to worry about anything except giving us your feedback on our work.

Product management

How does your target group perceive product trends in the industry? Where do your products stand in the portfolio analysis, which products should you focus on and which should you neglect? Are there previously unimagined target groups interested in your products?
We help you clarifying all these questions in just a few days and for as little as a few hundred Euros. We also help you find the perfect pricing for your products: We use various methods to model demand curves that can be used to determine the price for maximum revenue.


Couldn´t find your area? There are many more ways in which you can use feedback from representative samples for your work!
Feel free to send us a message via our chat and we will show you how we can support you in a personal conversation.


The customer is king. But how satisfied is he? Find out how content customers are with your products and those of your competitors. In addition to knowing which product strengths you should highlight and which weaknesses need to be adjusted, you will also learn why and how your competitors' customers might switch to your brand. Through the precise profiling of our users, we can filter the satisfaction of your customers in detail according to income class, place of residence, age group or other parameters. Stand out from the competition - with the knowledge of representative market research


Capturing voters' reactions even before the start of an election campaign and optimising your own election programme. Is that not impossible?
No: We identify the most attractive campaigns and most effective slogans so you can win over your voters and those of other parties. Don't wait for slow election forecasts, better start your own: Using our fast survey methods, we deliver representative election results in just a few days. Which parties have the perfect connection to their voters, which issues will influence the next election and how do you as a politician successfully advertise your own goals? We show you how to get the population excited about you.

Product development & UX-Testing

You want to optimise your product according to customer wishes and are looking for the right input? We determine which improvements your target group would like to see in your products, apps or websites.
We show optional designs or possible product ideas to our participants or direct them to your website for a UX test. Bonus included: Interested participants will come back to your product even after the completion of our project.

Management / Strategy

Your company is about to make a serious strategic decision - but is it the right one?
We help you examine individual issues and the effects your decisions may have. Draw on representative data to make the best decision! Examples range from launching your own web shop to introducing new products or investing in an unknown market.

Global reach for your study

We are able to reach more than 2.5 million users worldwide via our own platforms. Using integration into trusted partner platforms, we achieve additional reach and gain even more participants.

Worldmap showing bitbursts reach on the different continents. North America: 786k, South America: 300k, Europe 716k, Asia 674k

Targeted selection of participants

All our users are profiled. For your project, participants can be selected individually according to your needs. In addition to standard qualifications, you can specify any user profile requirement in advance (e.g. "consumers who know my product X").

Your first project
with us

BitBurst offers a very fast and efficient service in order to gain reliable data for your project. We support each customer individually and aim to reach the best outcome possible.


Get insights on our past surveys and studys here. In our blog atricles we offer a short conclusion on our projects.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should I start Opinion Research?

Every person makes around 20.000 decisions a day. We recommend supporting these through reliable primary data. Because in the end, a wrongful decision will cost you much more than a project with BitBurst.

How much does a project with BitBurst cost?

Prices do vary according to length and complexitiy of your survey. However, it is possible to start a representative project at about 750€.

How can you guarantee your data´s reliability?

Our work is based on psychological and sociological know-how as well as technological security and high data quality.
When starting a survey, we take into account all main quality criteria such as objectivity, validity and reliability. Furthermore, we will advise on sample size and representativity.
Our IT-security is ensured through our cooperationwith sample-chain and we avoid link manipulation through an SHA-1 procedure. A crucial aspect of our service is individual data screening. We only utilize data for analyses that has been checked by at least two team members beforehand.

For whom is Opinion Research useful?

The good thing is: everyone! If you are unsure, how and where to implement our knowldege in your work, just have a look at our use cases. You can find them further up the website. Of course you can also send us a message via our live chat on the right.

Are you really as fast an efficient as you say?“

We are very proud to say: Yes, we are. Through our many users and integrations into several partner platforms, we are able to survey 1.000 people in a single day. Combined with our agile working methods and quick teams, we can finalise projects – from composing the main questions to discussing final results – in a few days.

Have you answered the 28 questions of ESOMAR?

Yes, we have! You can find our ESOMAR answers here.