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Mobile-First Technology
We focus on bringing mobile users and market research together. With the help of our technology, we create the bridge between the major marketplaces for market research and the publishers of mobile apps or websites.
Monetize your user's opinion
BitLabs offers you the opportunity to monetize your traffic with rewardable surveys. Get the most out of your app or website. Don't bother your users with traditional Offer Walls.
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Paid Surveys in your Pocket
Get paid for short and fun surveys on your smartphone. Poll Pay is available on Google Play and in the App Store. Receive your reward in real-time - over $1,000,000 in gift cards was paid to users!
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About Poll Pay
BitBurst has optimised their app in a number of ways, primarily with the goal of improving respondent experience. Now, BitBurst can detect surveys that have technical issues early on and remove these surveys to ensure a better respondent experience and higher completion rates.
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Goals, Growth & Innovation
Market research has been a complex business - but this does not have to be the case! We started as an App Developer and entered the market research industry years ago. Now it's our mission to connect these two worlds.
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