Our Mission is to Complete Your Research

Our unique and diverse team creates and improves the services that make our success. Learn more about us and take a look behind the scenes.


We use unique approaches to improve the price-performance ratio of online surveys while improving the UX for participants and the quality of responses.


Our goal is to make market research accessible to everyone. By growing our own platforms and publishing our surveys through various publishers, we come closer to that goal every day.


In the spirit of a start-up, we have ambitious goals and try to exceed them every year. As a result, BitBurst is constantly growing in all areas of business.

Our Story in Numbers

We started BitBurst in 2015. After several mobile projects, the company focused on rewarded surveys in 2017. Since then we have been growing into a top international player in the supply of digital market research.

1 M+

App Installations


Of working on the Products we love


Amazing Team Members

1 K+

Different Studies

The Amazing Team Behind BitBurst

Our young and agile team is surpassing itself every day. Feel free to contact us if you like to join our mission!

Jan Asbach

CEO and Co-founder

Ben Asbach

CEO and Co-founder

Lea Püttbach

People & Organization Manager

Nils Bremann

Legal Consultant by TechTeam Law

Philipp Grögor

Product Manager

Max Püttbach

Key Account Manager

Christian Schulze-Thüsing

Backend Developer

Eugene Toropov

Backend Developer

Caleb Ikhuohon-Eboreime

Backend Developer

Gabriel Olivieri

Devops Engineer

Marco Rußinski

Lead Frontend Developer

Tilo Schmidt

Frontend Developer

Pascal Bykowski

Frontend Developer

Anum Majid

UI/UX Designer

Maria Melman

Sales & Customer Success Manager

Saurabh Mukkawar

Sales & Customer Success Manager

Justus Mache

Sales & Customer Success Manager

Aditya Nisal

Product Manager

Fabian Lang

SEO/ASO Consultant

Laura Pérez Macho

Customer Support Specialist

Gerrit Hoskins

Frontend Developer

Nico Thometzki

UX/UI Designer

Anne Buchmüller

Digital Graphic Designer

Carolin Lensing

Content & Engagement

Our Partners

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