The journey of BitBurst

Follow us through our history

Back in 2015

Our history began when we developed our first app in the beginning of 2015. Since then, we've been there without interruption with all our energy.

1) Service Apps

Our first developments were service apps. Our first app got more than 1 million users after a short time due to its user-friendliness. More apps followed and the development team gained more and more experience.

2) Gaming Apps

In 2017, we have developed a successful 3D mobile shooter and further 3D mobile games. After that we gave up the development of games to use the development capacity for new projects.

3) Market Research

Our latest apps focus on market research. Through our Poll Pay app we have so far given over 500,000 people access to rewarded surveys. Therefore, Market research has become a familiar field of business for us.

4) Business Solutions

In addition to developing apps, we now also create tools for other app developers. These tools simplify the work of a publisher and offer many advantages such as optimized monetization options and precise analysis platforms.

To be continued

We work daily to develop our projects and visions. We are constantly expanding our team.
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